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Airend Rebuilt

The lubricant injected rotary Screw compressor has become a dominant type of compressor in the industry. It is characterized by low vibrations, requires only a simple load-bearing foundation and provides long life with minimal maintenance.

Rotary screw compressed air technology consists of two intermeshing rotor in a lubricated enclosure with an inlet port at one end and a discharge port at the other.  The space between the rotors at the inlet is greater than it is at the outlet.  When ambient air travels from a large space to a small one, it creates compressed air. The male rotor has lobes formed helically along its length while the female rotor has corresponding helical grooves.

The suspension system of the airend is two sets of tapered thrust and radial bearings.  Theses bearing are tapered roller and are designed for higher speed and loads.  The life of the rotors relies on proper bearing operations and the life of the bearings is determined by the number of revolutions or hours of operations.  Keeping a close eye on the oil by taking frequent oil samples is the best indicator of upcoming bearing failure. 

The compressor airend rebuilt program assures inherent reliability and continuous duty performance.  Components of every compressor are carefully selected to assure complete reliability and optimum performance such as a rugged bearing design.

If your compressor requires a replacement airend, Atlantic Compressed Air will repair yours with updated components featuring the latest technology.

The rebuilt airend automatically gets an extended 5 year warranty with our Preventive Maintenance Program.

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