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Energy Efficient Systems - Heat Recovery

As much as 93% of the electrical energy used by an industrial compressor is converted into heat energy. The Sullair Energy Efficient System can recover up to 90% heat loss generated by the stage of compression and converts it into a usable source of heat.

The adiabatic design of the machine ensures that all heat generated within the confines of the insulated enclosure is directed to the cooler fan and guided to a thermostatically controlled ducting system. The air is then sent to a nearby office or shop for make-up air which helps reduce heating bills and help the bottom line.

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VCC vs VSD (Variable Capacity Control vs Variable Speed Drive)

It’s a fact:  in most cases the cost of electricity to run an air compressor continuously for one year is often greater than the initial purchase price of the unit itsThe Sullair Variable Capacity Control System,(VCC), using its patented Spiral Valve system has unmatched full-load and part-load efficiencies that  provide superior  power economy with a payback that is often less than two years.

On the variable capacity compressor, the compression volume,(stroke), varies to suit the air demand by progressively opening or closing an internal by-pass port on the air end. This allows the... Read More

Compressed Air Distribution System

The basic purpose of a compressed air distribution system is to deliver the air to the end user, or application.

The compressed air has to be delivered with the right volume and pressure so that the component which uses that air can be powered to reach its full efficiency.

The flow provided by the compressor will determinate the size of the pipe in order to achieve optimal velocity.  Optimal ratio is no less than 30’ per second to minimize potential pressure drop.  The vertical pipe leaving the compressor room should then meet the main header with a 45º in the direction of... Read More